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Shailendra’s 90th Birth Anniversary {August 30, 2013}

Remembering Shailendra on his 90th birth anniversary (August 30, 2013)…

कविराज कहे
प्रीत और प्रीत का गीत रहे, कभी लूट सका न कोई ये ख़ज़ाना
kaviraaj kahe
priit aur priit kaa giit rahe, kabhii luuT sakaa na ko_ii ye Kazaanaa

Shailendra’s songs endure and continue to delight us, amaze us, enchant us, inspire us and move us with emotion.
A salute to the master lyricist …

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ढपली उठा, आवाज़ मिला, गा मिलके मेरे संग प्रेमतराना
Dhapali uThaa, aavaaz milaa, gaa milake mere premataraanaa



5 thoughts on “Shailendra’s 90th Birth Anniversary {August 30, 2013}

  1. May God bless you for creating this site. sukhi raho aabad raho aur isi prakar khushiyan bikherte raho Rajeev Sharma

    Posted by Rajeev Sharma | August 29, 2013, 10:43
  2. Dear Amarendra,

    No greater tribute could be paid to Shailendra than your website.

    And no more faithful and consummate muse will his legacy command than you.

    Far from us, on his 90th birthday and through his immortal songs, he must be telling us:

    chhoTii-sii ye duniyaa, pahachaane raaste hai.n
    tum kahii.n to miloge, kabhii to miloge
    to puuchhe.nge haal

    Thanks very much for this gift you have given all of us Hindi film music listeners, Amarendra.

    Warm regards,


    Posted by Robin Bhat | August 30, 2013, 08:36
  3. What others cannot even think of, you end up doing it with such ease and brilliance!!! Only you could do this!!!!! Hats off to you!!! So proud of you!!! Amazing!!! Kudos!!! Congratulations!!! best wishes always!!!

    Posted by renuka | September 10, 2013, 11:41

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