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Shailendra’s 50th Death Anniversary {December 14, 2016}

Remembering Shailendra … It was 50 years ago on this date that the great lyricist bid adieu to the world, at the age of 43. An untimely departure. One imagines at least a few hundred more memorable songs would have been created had he lived longer. A salute to the master whose songs will live … Continue reading

Songs of Shailendra – A compilation of Theme/ Title Songs {December 14, 2013}

बरसात में हमसे मिले तुम सजन | barsaat mein hum se mile tum sajan :: Shailendra’s first Hindi Film song was also one of the first Title/ Theme songs written for Hindi Films. He went on to write many more Title/ Theme songs, aptly describing the theme and/or the protagonist through his poetry. Here is … Continue reading

Shailendra’s 90th Birth Anniversary {August 30, 2013}

Remembering Shailendra on his 90th birth anniversary (August 30, 2013)… — कविराज कहे प्रीत और प्रीत का गीत रहे, कभी लूट सका न कोई ये ख़ज़ाना kaviraaj kahe priit aur priit kaa giit rahe, kabhii luuT sakaa na ko_ii ye Kazaanaa — Shailendra’s songs endure and continue to delight us, amaze us, enchant us, inspire … Continue reading

Songs of Shailendra – A compilation of 30 favorite songs

On Shailendra’s 90th birth anniversary (August 30, 2013), a compilation of 30 favorite songs – a variety of emotions, thoughts, moods … Listen to the compilation here: Shailendra Songs Compilation – Part 1 (15 songs) Shailendra Songs Compilation – Part 2 (15 songs) 1 हैं सबसे मधुर वो गीत | hain sabse madhur vo geet  Adversity, … Continue reading

Songs of Shailendra: All Songs Listing

१९४९ – बरसात – पतली कमर है तिरछी नजर है  | 1949 – Barsaat – patli kamar hai tirchhi najar hai  १९४९ – बरसात – बरसात में हमसे मिले तुम सजन | 1949 – Barsaat – barsaat mein hum se mile tum sajan  १९५१ – आवारा – आवारा हूँ | 1951 – Awara – awara huun  १९५१ – … Continue reading

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