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Songs of Shailendra – A compilation of Theme/ Title Songs {December 14, 2013}

बरसात में हमसे मिले तुम सजन | barsaat mein hum se mile tum sajan :: Shailendra’s first Hindi Film song was also one of the first Title/ Theme songs written for Hindi Films. He went on to write many more Title/ Theme songs, aptly describing the theme and/or the protagonist through his poetry. Here is … Continue reading

Shailendra’s 90th Birth Anniversary {August 30, 2013}

Remembering Shailendra on his 90th birth anniversary (August 30, 2013)… — कविराज कहे प्रीत और प्रीत का गीत रहे, कभी लूट सका न कोई ये ख़ज़ाना kaviraaj kahe priit aur priit kaa giit rahe, kabhii luuT sakaa na ko_ii ye Kazaanaa — Shailendra’s songs endure and continue to delight us, amaze us, enchant us, inspire … Continue reading

Songs of Shailendra – A compilation of 30 favorite songs

On Shailendra’s 90th birth anniversary (August 30, 2013), a compilation of 30 favorite songs – a variety of emotions, thoughts, moods … Listen to the compilation here: Shailendra Songs Compilation – Part 1 (15 songs) Shailendra Songs Compilation – Part 2 (15 songs) 1 हैं सबसे मधुर वो गीत | hain sabse madhur vo geet  Adversity, … Continue reading

3 songs of Shailendra in the top-20 Hindi Film Songs – BBC Asian Network Poll

BBC Asian Network recently conducted an online poll for the top-100 Hindi Film songs. Listeners were asked to vote for their favorite songs from a longlist of 100 songs from the World of Hindi Cinema released between 1940 and 2010, chosen by presenters, producers and Bollywood. The poll results were released on May 27, 2013. … Continue reading

Article – People’s Poet – Interview with Dinesh Shailendra – The Hindu – August 2, 2012 People’s Poet – Anuj Kumar Shailendra didn’t get the place he deserved in the Bollywood pantheon. As we celebrate his 89th birth anniversary this month, his youngest son Dinesh Shailendra clears some myths about his father From lullaby to lingering pain, there is a Shailendra song to soothe every emotion. The welder from Mathura failed … Continue reading

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