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१९६५ – छोटी छोटी बातें – ज़िंदगी ख़्वाब है था हमें भी पता | 1965 – Chhoti Chhoti Baten – zindagi khwab hai tha humein bhi pata

ज़िंदगी ख़्वाब है था हमें भी पता
पर हमें ज़िंदगी से बहुत प्यार था

सुख भी थे, दुख भी थे दिल को घेरे हुए
चाहे जैसा था रंगीन संसार था

आ गई थी शिकायत लबों तक मगर
किससे कहते तो क्या, कहना बेकार था

चल पड़े दर्द पीकर तो चलते रहे
हारकर बैठ जाने से इनकार था

चंद दिन था बसेरा हमारा यहाँ
हम भी मेहमान थे, घर तो उस पार था
हमसफ़र एक दिन तो बिछड़ना ही था
अलविदा अलविदा अलविदा अलविदा

zi.ndagii Kvaab hai thaa hame.n bhii pataa
par hame.n zi.ndagii se bahut pyaar thaa

sukh bhii the, dukh bhii the dil ko ghere hu_e
chaahe jaisaa thaa ra.ngiin sa.nsaar thaa

aa ga_ii thii shikaayat labo.n tak magar
kisase kahate to kyaa, kahanaa bekaar thaa

chal pa.De dard piikar to chalate rahe
haarakar baiTh jaane se inakaar thaa

cha.nd din thaa baseraa hamaaraa yahaa.N
ham bhii mehamaan the, ghar to us paar thaa
hamasafar ek din to bichha.Danaa hii thaa
alavidaa alavidaa alavidaa alavidaa

Film Chhoti Chhoti Baaten Music Director Anil Biswas
Year 1965 Singer(s) Mukesh
Audio Video On Screen


2 thoughts on “१९६५ – छोटी छोटी बातें – ज़िंदगी ख़्वाब है था हमें भी पता | 1965 – Chhoti Chhoti Baten – zindagi khwab hai tha humein bhi pata

  1. Dear Amarendra,

    It did not escape my notice that you posted this song on Shailendra’s anniversary.

    This song is an example of why Mukesh – and no singer more than him, in Hindi films – is known as the ‘king of pathos’.
    Thanks for posting this, the other songs of the film and your off-line expert commentary on all of them.

    By the way, here is a quiz:
    When all these men are out for their evening stroll, somewhere up there – Anil Biswas, Shankar, Jaikishan, S. D. Burman, Salil Chaudhary, C. Ramchandra, Hemant Kumar, R.D. Burman, Roshan and many others, including of course their common denominator, the immortal Shailendra – they are all saying:

    ‘Oh, should we be so lucky that there is someone on our former abode who is keeping alive our legacy in such a magnificent and detailed fashion, a labor of love if ever there was one’.

    Who is this person they are referring to, I wonder !

    Warm regards


    Posted by Robin Bhat | April 28, 2014, 05:25

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