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Part of the famous Shankar-Jaikishan-Shailendra-Hasrat quartet, Shailendra wrote a majority of his songs for Shankar-Jaikishan. He also wrote many songs for Salil Chowdhury, S D Burman and Roshan. He also worked with 14 other music directors. Shankar Jaikishan Salil Chowdhury Roshan S D Burman Mukul Roy Kishore Kumar S N Tripathi Dattaram Ninu Mazumdar Ravishankar … Continue reading

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Hello! Welcome to Songs of Shailendra! Shailendra (1923-1966) was probably the best Hindi Film lyricist ever. Read more about Shailendra : On this blog you will find 1. Lyrics of songs written by Shailendra for Hindi Films. 2. Information, anecdotes and statistics about songs written by Shailendra for Hindi Films.

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